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Anonymous asked: Hi. I would like to ask you something: I saw a post saying that vegans save around 100 animals in their lifetime. But how does that work? I mean, these animals still get slaughtered no matter if anyone eats them or not. I am just curious (p.s. could you tag your response with "carnists" so I could see it? Thanks :) )

Well, the average person eats around 2,500 land animals in their lifetime and a further 4,000 marine animals. (source) So it’s actually way more than 100. I was just estimating when I said that initially.

You’d think these animals get slaughtered anyway, but it’s actually not true.

I used to work in a supermarket and this is how it worked: Every day we’d count the products and order the amount for the next week that was purchased the week before. Say 10 chickens were purchased and the next week, one person decides not to buy a chicken because they go vegetarian, the next week, we’ll only order 9.

Obviously there’s more to it than this. The slaughterhouses will probably slaughter just as many chickens, but when people stop supporting these industries, they won’t kill as many as they used to. There’s no point in breeding chickens and spending money to raise them if they’re not going to be profitable in the end. The industry just won’t breed them in the first place and they’ll get to peacefully not exist, rather live out a life of suffering to be killed prematurely.

You probably think we’re not making much of a difference, but these industries will do anything to make money. Smaller cages, hormones to make the animals grow faster so they’ll have more meat in less time, etc etc. They don’t like waste and I think 6,500 wasted lives is a lot of wasted profit for these industries.

I made some vegan sushi! I think they look quite good for the first time making them. c: Also, aren’t my chopsticks adorable?


I’d probably be vegetarian by now if it wasn’t for the holier-than-thou vegetatian types on tumblr that find it appropriate to shame people that eat meat like it’s immoral.

*bites chicken wing to spite vegetarians*

People like you annoy me so much. Don’t let other people influence the way you feel about something. If you think it’s cruel to eat animals, don’t eat animals! Just because tumblr vegans (I’ve never heard a holier-than-thou vegetarian in my entire life) are a bit aggressive sometimes doesn’t mean you should take it out on the animals. Use your fucking brain.