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I’m so fucking sick of people discrediting veganism by saying it’s classist and only rich white people can do it. Oh okay so I guess I, a person of color who lives well under the poverty line and DOES buy all of my food off of my 189 dollars a month food stamps, just doesn’t fucking exist. Fuck off the face of the earth and stop erasing us poor vegans, because I’m getting sick and fucking tired of this.

I agree with this so much. As well as pretending the majority of vegans who aren’t rich and white, don’t exist, the people who say this kind of thing are completely changing the definition of vegan to mean, ‘I buy expensive, organic, locally grown produce’ instead of ‘I do everything in my power to stop the cruelty to animals’. It’s so annoying because if everyone thought of vegans as the second definition, our movement would have so many less problems and the carnists would have less of these silly excuses.

Another thing, so many of the people who use this excuse are actually rich and white. *cough cough* Laci Green.


You know how excited people get when they think about having children one day? That’s exactly how excited I get thinking about never having any.


Regarding ethical veganism, it’s a bit racist/classist. I can’t eat eggs because they were taken from the chicken without consent, but this banana picked by a starving wage slave is just fine.

- Some guy on facebook

So. Fucking. True.

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Um, but the grains picked by slave workers to feed those chickens add up to way more harm than the banana. Why do people always forget that animals have to eat too? To feed one cow, it takes 3x as much produce as it would to feed a human and THAT is the leading cause of poverty. People in developing countries who sell their grains to westernised countries are actually starving to death so that people in the west can use their grains to feed cows and chickens.

Anonymous asked: Did you bought the shoes in an online shop?

I bought them on yoox, so yeah. c: Mink Shoes are impossible to find and they were the only place I could find them.


i get so annoyed when people are like “not everyone can be vegan there are people living in food deserts” like damn dude i am not going after people in difficult situations, i am coming after u & ur 40 dollar gourmet cheese wheel