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Laura. 20. England. Ethical Vegan. Queer. Atheist. Virgo. I like dogs, cups of tea and pretty accents. I write stories and I'm usually drunk.

Does anyone know any vegany philosophers? I pretty much only know about Peter Singer, Tom Regan and Philip Wollen. Just trying to get a head start on my dissertation and if anyone knows any good thinkers relating to veganism please let me know. Or any good educational books would be appreciated too.

If you know any anti-vegan philosophers like Descarte, that would be cool also. Got to argue both sides, you know. c:


The worst thing about being asexual is that no one ever believes you. They’ll say shit like “maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet” or “how would you know if you haven’t tried?” I know this must be the kind of things gay and lesbian people get all the time, but it is annoying.

I always manage to get myself into awkward situations with people and they start interrogating me when I say I’m not really into that stuff and they always seem to manage to make me feel like I’m the one who is wrong. Even though I’m perfectly comfortable in my asexuality and I’ve accepted it. When will ‘no’ ever mean no? I hate to imagine what it’s like for girls who just are into guys but just don’t want to say yes to every single dipshit who tries to force them to think they should be wanted. I’m so pissed off at this.


"Vegetarian Pride" tattoos make me laugh,

Yeah you take pride in the unnecessary consumption of another animals bodily secretions. Go you.

And when they preach saying ‘go vegetarian’ it’s like, omg no, go vegan.


I’m so fucking sick of people discrediting veganism by saying it’s classist and only rich white people can do it. Oh okay so I guess I, a person of color who lives well under the poverty line and DOES buy all of my food off of my 189 dollars a month food stamps, just doesn’t fucking exist. Fuck off the face of the earth and stop erasing us poor vegans, because I’m getting sick and fucking tired of this.

I agree with this so much. As well as pretending the majority of vegans who aren’t rich and white, don’t exist, the people who say this kind of thing are completely changing the definition of vegan to mean, ‘I buy expensive, organic, locally grown produce’ instead of ‘I do everything in my power to stop the cruelty to animals’. It’s so annoying because if everyone thought of vegans as the second definition, our movement would have so many less problems and the carnists would have less of these silly excuses.

Another thing, so many of the people who use this excuse are actually rich and white. *cough cough* Laci Green.


You know how excited people get when they think about having children one day? That’s exactly how excited I get thinking about never having any.